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Guest Review by Bekka Fuchs | Kyousuke Motomi – QQ Sweeper

If I had to put my feelings on QQ Sweeper in one word, it would certainly be a high pitched pterodactyl screech. Sadly, yelling excitedly at people is not the reason reviews exist so I am going to try my best to put the swirling fluff that flies about in my head into proper words. Let’s get started!

The first thing that I noticed was the cover (this one to be precise). I liked the colours and well, fierce looking characters in aprons kind of promise to be entertaining, especially when the series is categorized as Shoujo/Supernatural. (A quick note for clarification if you are not familiar with anime/manga genres: shoujo means literally ‘girl’ or ‘young woman’ and describes the target demographic which is female teenagers; therefore the stories oftentimes focus on romance/relationships/emotions.) It was the first story I read from Kyousuke Motomi (although I saw Dengeki Daisy a couple of times and read all of it in one go after I finished QQ Sweeper) and – I was delighted AF.

The character introduction is funny as well as interesting (and with funny, I mean a little ridiculous. Honestly.) and both of the main characters are definitely weird, but just as lovable. Their dynamic is bumpy at first, but quickly evolves to some sort of friendship, almost ‘chosen family’-like*. Very delightful!

The story itself (insert a content yet contemplative sigh here) is:

  • fascinating! The way it takes the idea of ‘cleaning one’s heart and soul’ quite literally is glorious, the thematisation of ‘cleaning’ is general is what amused me greatly and actually left me with a recurring itch to clean my own apartment thoroughly. It also deals with bullying and insecurities on a superficial-ish level and has one or another (tragic) back story.
  • frankly speaking a bit of a mess. Not necessarily in its logic, not even necessarily the pace (though this one is probably a matter of taste), but it the way some information is placed, if that makes sense. While it does not harm the coherency or reception, some things are presented as if they have an almost palpable weigh, but they do not come up again which left me confused and pretty grumpy for a little while**.

Last but not least, a little bit about the drawing style. Personally, I am very fond of the way Motomi draws noses. And faces in general, but the noses look really nice and I say that as someone who has a history of struggling with drawing noses (especially noses in different perspectives, geez!). While the noses were fine, some of the poses bugged me for I thought their angles and perspectives did not match (but that might just be the eternal perfectionist in me). I also wanted to say something about the screen tone, but I had to go back and look at it in detail to find something to write about and that should be enough of a review on that part. I believe that screen tone is nicely applied and utilized if one does not actively notice it while reading, so there’s that.

So, if you are into cute (yet mysterious) girls, cute-if-embarrassed boys, and cleaning, this manga might just be the one for you!


*I’m a huge fan of chosen families and interpersonal fluffiness without it necessarily being romance/romantic, and QQ Sweeper hit that one really well in my opinion, although there is – obviously – the/a large potential for romance so no worries.
**Hopefully every question I had at the end of this gem will be answered in Queen’s Quality which is a sequel to QQ Sweeper (and has yet to air in English; sighs and frowns all around). I have high hopes and am ridiculously excited!

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