So great to see you here! I hope you are enjoying your stay.

I am a 20-something libertine, writer, author, reader, bibliophile and occasional blogger writing about everything and nothing (figuratively). I love the Brontë sisters a little too much, have an obsession for old things and bad pop music. I’m really good at being socially awkward and forgetting stuff. Other special talents include: black belt in watching Netflix, summa cum laude bookshelf organizer and twice honored do-no-good. I read too much, study too little and love to enjoy the little things. Also: I sometimes have trouble expressing myself in the appropriate language. My passport says I’m an adult, but I don’t trust that weirdo.

When I am not huddled up and writing (or reading, that is), I can be found being tortured by my two feline overlords or playing video games with my better half. Alternatively, I could also be ruining my kitchen by trying to recreate overly ambitious pinterest recipes or falling asleep in the bathtub (I swear, I was just gonna be 20 minutes!).

My linguae francae are English & German, but you can also reach out to me in French, Russian or Esperanto. Feel free to contact me any time on twitter or via E-Mail (luxwinter@gmx.de)