Need a Review?


Cool! Let’s talk about it, then.

Here’s the thing – I never know just how much workload and or current to-reads I have, so just shoot me a message and we will see if we can make it work.
A few words in advance though:

  • Unless we’re friends and I offered up, I am absolutely NOT beta reading your texts. Please only offer fully finished books.
  • I don’t have a certain genre I read. I have a sweet, sweet spot for kitschy YA, but I usually read anything I can get my hands on – the story is what matters.
  • My reviews are honest. Neither I or you benefit of me sweettalking a horrible piece of writing.
  • I prefer actual paperback & hard cover editions, but if you only have an e-book, we can definitely talk about that.
  • Give it time! If I review your book, I might need a while. Do it right and all.
  • Also, my name is Lux Winter. That is L-u-x W-i-n-t-e-r. If you’re going to send me a damn copy-paste request, at least make sure that part is right (/passive aggressive)

You still with me? Cool! Pitch me your story via my contact page! I accept submissions in English and German – but feel free to still contact me for other languages.